Emerald Earrings

Stone: Emerald
Metal: Silver 925, Gold plated
Weight:6.7 g
Measurements: 37 mm x 15 mm

Emerald is the strongest one of the green stones and it guides healing energies to our bodies. Also, it balances and harmonizes enegry levels of aura. Emerald protects during travelling, enhances the art of rhetoric and speech, and helps to maintain youthfulness. Helps to clean aura from negative energies and enhances spiritual capacity. Emerald is connected to heart, brain and lungs, and it helps to maintain the health and natural balance of these organs. Good for memory and concentration. In addition, this stone helps to open intuition as it unites the heart and mind in their wisdom helping us to understand and respect the wealth we carry in our hearts. If given as a gift between lovers, emerald would help to ensure a long and happy life.

Birthstone for month of May.

EUR 59.00