Silver ring tourmaline

Stone: Tourmaline
Metal: Silver
Hallmark: 925
Weight: 8,5 g
Size: 18, top width 15mm

Tourmaline is an energizing stone that helps to create harmony and balance

Tourmaline comes in rainbow of colors. It starts from a clear crystal color, then pale pink to peach, yellow, blue, green, brown, red and all the colors in between. An Egyptian legend tells that this stone absorbed the colors from a rainbow and it was sacred stone to Sun God, Ra. Tourmaline symbolizes harmony and balance between opposing energies. The many colors of tourmaline are thought to give it protective qualities. Considering that Tourmaline comes in almost all of the colors of the spectrum, it has been related to each of the seven chakras. Tourmaline opens, cleanses, energizes, balances and aligns the energy centers - chakras.

EUR 115.00